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Strengthen your safety program by leveraging experts in OHMS safety training, documentation, inspections, committee meetings, accident investigation and more.

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Less risk, a cheaper premium, and a safer atmosphere are all results of a solid safety culture. However, establishing a thorough and efficient safety program is challenging for an individual or small team to do.

Furthermore, it might be difficult to locate safety experts who both fit your budget and comprehend your line of work.

You may acquire a wide range of productivity and in-depth knowledge for every facet of your program at a significantly lower cost by utilizing safety consulting services.

Implementing a well-thought-out health and safety program at your business can guarantee robust risk mitigation and increased productivity from your staff members.

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Reduce Injuries, Increase Performance

You show your workers that you appreciate their safety and well-being when you make a commitment to keep them safe on the factory floor.

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Why I Need Safety Consultant?

Lower Cost

Cut expenses and manage your safety programs at a lower cost

Lower Risk

Our group will assist you in creating a safety culture that lowers workplace risk.

Greater Expertise

Gain access to an accomplished group of EHS specialists with a range of specialized abilities.

Safer Workplace

We’ll help you implement safety programs that drive measurable results.

Solutions- How Tetrahedron Can Help!

1. System Safety


Providing organizations with a framework for the various safety management system components.

  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • ISO 45001 Consulting
  • Incident Investigation
  • Safety Audit
  • Safety Standard Development
  • Safe Lifting, Scaffolding, Work at Height
  • Workplace Safety Consulting Support
  • Warehouse Safety

2. People Safety


Offering comprehensive answers for the human components of safety: Culture, Leadership, and Climate and Behavior.

  • Behaviour Based Safety
  • Employee Safety Perception Survey
  • Motivating People – Safety Week Celebration
  • Safety Culture Transformation
  • Workplace Stress Management
  • Workplace Ergonomics

3. Process Safety


We assist you in maintaining the integrity of operational systems and procedures handling hazardous materials as one of the companies offering safety consultancy services.

  • Consequence Analysis
  • Process hazard Analysis – PHA
  • Process Safety Audit
  • OHSM Preventive Tool Training & Implementation (Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)
  • Implement all components of the OH&S management system

Road to Create Zero Harm Culture

Establishing a culture of zero harm necessitates a safety-focused approach, proactive measures, transparent communication, empowerment, and ongoing enhancement. Involve all tiers, acknowledge accomplishments, and maintain dedication.

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