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Get start with your Manufacturing Performance Analysis and competitive benchmarks : Achieve manufacturing and Operational excellence.

Get access to accurate and reliable Manufacturing & Operational performance Analysis by team experts.

Manufacturing & Operational management consulting services
Product management consulting
Automation & Industry 4.0,
Training and Skill development,
300+ High-Impact Training Modules,
Plant layout, Energy cost reduction


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Achieve manufacturing and operational excellence with the following analysis using competitive benchmarking strategy.

Metrics & Key Performance Indicators.

-PBDIT analysis
-Employee cost analysis( how to reduce?)
-Inventory turnover ratio analysis
-Power and fuel cost analysis
-Total asset analysis
-Asset turnover ratio
-Raw material analysis
-Employee productivity analysis
-Operation planning effectiveness
-Energy efficiency
-Manpower cost utilization
-Equipment utilization
-Conversion cost analysis

  • Achieve Manufacturing & Operational Excellence

Tetrahedron provides Manufacturing Consulting Services with different COE’s: Manufacturing Excellence, Plant Layout Design, Manufacturing Audit, Energy Cost Reduction, Supply Chain Management, DOJO Implementation

  • Automation and Industry 4.0:

Manpower Cost Reduction, Improvement of Cycle Time, Material Handling, Quality Control, Increase the Speed of Innovation, Leading to Faster Design Processes, Virtual Augmented Reality Services
Autonomous Mobile Robot

  • Training and Skill Development:

Tetrahedron provides 300+ High-Impact Training Modules, Process Improvement Training Modules, Technical Training Modules, Managerial Effective & Development (MEDP), Sales Training (SGT / STP / ASAP)

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We acknowledge your contribution in developing the DOJO center at our Pantnagar plant, also kudos to the team for completing a commendable job in such a sort time.


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It was a good example of joint collaboration & learning. Their expertise help us to improve safety awareness among our employee with reduced non conformities and create a much safer workplace.


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